Shreeji Classic Blown CB-10

This is the versatile multi-purpose stretch film developed by the BLOWN FILM LINE technology . It is available in wide range of standard sizes and gauges. Beneficial economy wise, this is the best selling cling film.

Specifications :

  1. -  Hand applied stretch film
  2. -  Puncture and tear resistant
  3. -  Great cling
  4. -  Wide range of sizes and gauges

Why CB-10 ?

  1. -  Holds all A, B and C loads
  2. -  Stretch and toughness ensures enhanced protection for regular loads and extra protection for hard-to-hold loads
  3. -  Competitively priced
  4. -  Off-the-shelf availability when orders are needed
  5. -  Instantly used by both experienced and new employees
Indian Spec.
Canadian Spec.
U.S. Spec.