Super Coreless CL-30

Manufactured on newly developed equipment, using a patented system, the rolls are produced without the traditional cardboard core offering many advantages including, faster production, lower cost and most importantly major environmental benefits.
Some 100 million plus rolls of hand stretch film are produced annually in Europe all of which are wound on to cores. The core is a waste component of the finished product that not only adds cost to the product but also slows down production and creates environmental issues with waste disposal after the product is used. All Standard stretch film rolls are currently wound on to cores, as no other alternative exists.
Championing the supply of 'fit for purpose' products we have been looking at ways of developing equipment that will be ever more efficient and eliminate waste in the final product in response to the demands of both our clients and National Governments - without, of course, any reduction in the end product standards.
Indian Spec.
Canadian Spec.
U.S. Spec.