Shreeji Secure Blown SB-50

This MACHINE GRADE has highest Load-Holding capacity and resistance to puncture. SUPER WRAP MG - 30 combines extraordinary load-holding force with exceptional puncture and tear resistance to create a film which excels in capturing and holding heavy B and unstable C loads. This blown film's containment advantage means less usage versus typical cast, broad application films.

Specifications :

  1. Machine grade stretch film from 18 microns onwards
  2. Low-gloss surface
  3. Offers extra Toughness, Strength, Superior Puncture and Tear Resistance
  4. Highest Load-Holding Force.

Why SB-50?

  1. Designed to conquer the challenge of hard-to-hold "C" type loads.
  2. Excellent choice for overhead wrapping applications
  3. Provides enhanced protection for regular "A" or "B" type loads With up to 300% pre-stretch and superior cling
  4. The film's aggressive cling package promotes the bonding of all layers and eliminates tailing.
  5. 15% to 25% less film usage versus typical cast, broad application films
  6. Performs well in cold climate
  7. Also available in 18 micron with 250% stretch which is more effective than any other cast/blown films available in the market
Indian Spec.
Canadian Spec.
U.S. Spec.