Harmlessly oxo-biodegrade plastic products in a programmable cost-effective manner with our Reverte additive technology.

    We at Shreeji Stretch Film Ind are very pleased to announce the addition of oxo-biodegradable stretch film to our line of products. It's another important step forward in our effort to provide the secondary packaging market greener products to help them get the job done.
    Well over a billion pounds of stretch film are used annually to secure pallet loads of products being shipped via truck and for bundling applications to unitize two or more products together. extensive use of stretch wrap and how little of it was recycled properly, and usually wound up in our landfills.
    Unfortunately little had changed until now and we are thrilled to be able to offer large volume as well as low volume users a more environmentally responsible product for their stretch film requirements.

    Oxo degradable plastic films include an additive designed to greatly accelerate their ability to breakdown and degrade regardless of the disposal method or circumstances. An oxo-biodegradable film breaks down fastest in direct sunlight and oxygen but even in a landfill situation, it will typically degrade in less than half the time of traditional stretch films. Most will agree the best disposal method is recycling and the oxo additive does not adversely affect that preferred option.
    Plastic films with corn starch or other similar plant based additives are typically NOT easily recycled and usually require moisture to be present as well as oxygen and ideally sunlight. Plant based additives may also often have a negative impact on the physical properties and performance of the plastic film formulation whether the film is used for shrink, bagging or stretch applications.
    Our new oxo-biodegradable stretch film is the first eco friendly formulation we have tested for pallet wrapping that still has the necessary elongation, memory and puncture resistance to make it an economical and viable alternative to standard stretch films.

    Eco-wrap oxo-biodegradable stretch films are eco obvious.
    All of the oxo degradable films we offer are tinted green so others recognize them as a different and eco friendly film. We also encourage customers to add their own placards on each load being wrapped so their environmental commitment is noticed and hopefully their example followed.

    Degradeble Products :

    In a commitment towards creating a greener and better world, Shreeji Stretch film Industries has developed environmental friendly products “Eco-Wrap” which are designed for landfill, compost and soil disposal.
    All our plastic bags, films and sheets can be made 100% degradable with the addition of totally degradable plastic additives.
    These products will ultimately degrade in a landfill environment. Once the process is complete, only carbon dioxide, water and biomass will remain, leaving non-toxic by-products.

    1. -  100% degradable and recyclable
    2. -  Complies with US, UK and EU food regulations (FDA and SCF)
    3. -  Harmless and non-toxic
    4. -  Superior mechanical properties for optimum performance
    5. -  Does not alter the physical performance and characteristics of the product
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